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Un articolo sui robot apparentemente scritto da un robot

robot-journalismLa segnalazione va fatta. Un articolo sui rischi dell’intelligenza artificiale che sviluppa attività precedentemente svolte da umani è stato scritto da un software basato sull’intelligenza artificiale: o meglio dice di essere stato scritto da un robot. Un esempio di paradosso – del genere del cretese che dice che “tutti i cretesi sono mentitori” – si strada: The Case Against Artificial Intelligence.

I was ‘inspired’ to write this article because I read the botifesto “How To Think About Bots“. As I thought the ‘botifesto’ was too pro-bot, I wanted to write an article that takes the anti-bot approach. However, halfway through writing this blog post, I realized that the botifesto…wasn’t written by a bot. In fact, most pro-bot articles have been hand-written by human beings. This is not at all a demonstration of the power of AI; after all, humans have written optimistic proclamations about the future since the dawn of time.

If I am to demonstrate that AI is a threat, I have to also demonstrate that AI can be a threat, and to do that, I have to show what machines are currently capable of doing (in the hopes of provoking a hostile reaction).

So this blog post has been generated by a robot. I have provided all the content, but an algorithm (“Prolefeed”) is responsible for arranging the content in a manner that will please the reader. Here is the source code. And as you browse through it, think of what else can be automated away with a little human creativity. And think whether said automation would be a good thing.


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