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Consumo di risorse: notizie buone, non ottime, dall’Ocse


 L’Ocse segnala che il consumo di risorse materiali nei sette paesi più industrializzati migliora e che quelle economie sono diventate più brave nel riuso dei materiali. Ma il loro consumo resta enorme (lo studio è online sull’Ocse):

Advanced economies have reduced their consumption of raw materials and improved waste management, but more should be done to design and produce goods in a way that uses fewer natural resources and produces less waste, according to a new OECD report.

Resource consumption by Group of Seven countries has flattened out since 1980, despite economic growth, but their per capita consumption is still around 60% above the world average. Soaring demand from developing and emerging countries, and rapid population growth, means global resource consumption could double by 2050, putting serious pressure on the environment.


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