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L’autocensura è l’effetto della sorveglianza

CarcereSantoStefanoQuelli che dicono «non mi importa della sorveglianza perché non ho nulla da nascondere»…

Non gli farebbe male una lettura del paper “Under Surveillance: Examining Facebook’s Spiral of Silence Effects in the Wake of NSA Internet Monitoring“: soltanto sapere di essere sotto sorveglianza genera un effetto inconsapevole ma preciso di autocensura, cambia il comportamento, riduce la critica sociale, impedisce il libero dibattito pubblico (Motherboard).

Since Edward Snowden exposed the National Security Agency’s use of controversial online surveillance programs in 2013, there has been widespread speculation about the potentially deleterious effects of online government monitoring. This study explores how perceptions and justification of surveillance practices may create a chilling effect on democratic discourse by stifling the expression of minority political views. Using a spiral of silence theoretical framework, knowing one is subject to surveillance and accepting such surveillance as necessary act as moderating agents in the relationship between one’s perceived climate of opinion and willingness to voice opinions online. Theoretical and normative implications are discussed.

Ma Jeremy Bentham lo sapeva già. (Nella foto il Carcere di Santo Stefano, via Wikipedia)


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