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Jony Ive resterà alla Apple? Una storia del New Yorker

Una storia – lunghissima e scritta meravigliosamente – sul New Yorker, descrive il carattere di Jony Ive, il collaboratore di Steve Jobs che ha contribuito al successo della Apple con la sua profonda sensibilità per il design essenziale e intelligente. E allude all’ipotesi che Ive se ne vada. Gli interessati, credo, trattengono il fiato. (NewYorker)

There were times, during the past two decades, when he considered leaving Apple, but he stayed, becoming an intimate friend of Steve Jobs and establishing the build and the finish of the iMac, the MacBook, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. He is now one of the two most powerful people in the world’s most valuable company. He sometimes listens to CNBC Radio on his hour-long commute from San Francisco to Apple’s offices, in Silicon Valley, but he’s uncomfortable knowing that a hundred thousand Apple employees rely on his decision-making—his taste—and that a sudden announcement of his retirement would ambush Apple shareholders. (To take a number: a ten-percent drop in Apple’s valuation represents seventy-one billion dollars.) According to Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs’s widow, who is close to Ive and his family, “Jony’s an artist with an artist’s temperament, and he’d be the first to tell you artists aren’t supposed to be responsible for this kind of thing.”


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