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Coalizione per la net neutrality

Lanciata una Dynamic Coalition per la net neutrality.

“Network neutrality” is an appealing and multifaceted expression which encompasses several policy areas and may give rise to misinterpretations.

In view of the various approaches to this multi-faceted topic, it is important today to address the question of network neutrality through a multi-stakeholder approach. The purpose of the Network Neutrality Dynamic Coalition, therefore, is to provide a discussion arena aimed at allowing all interested stakeholders to jointly scrutinise the various nuances of the network-neutrality debate so as to ultimately contribute to the circulation of best practices and the elaboration of well-advised policies and regulations.

The idea of a Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality was presented during Multi-Stakeholders Dialogue on Network Neutrality & and Human Rights, organised under the auspices of the Council of Europe. Many of the stakeholders involved in the event have immediately manifested their interest in the initiative, stressing the need to clarify the network neutrality debate and highlighting the interest of a platform aimed at promoting the dialogue on the matter.


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