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Il presidente di Stanford University, John Hennessy, ha dei suggerimenti su come spendere i soldi pubblici destinati a stimolare l’economia americana (via ArsElectronica). E dedica molte parole alle opportunità delle neuroscienze. Che vede pronte per un vero e proprio salto di importanza. Come la genetica di 50 anni fa.

“Neuroscience has big new opportunities; I think this next 50 years is
going to be the neuroscience equivalent of the understanding of DNA–the
50 years that went from DNA to the sequencing of the human genome; the
same thing will happen in the neurosciences. We understand how neurons
fire, but we don’t understand how the brain works. There’s a big gap
in-between. Close that gap, and that will lead to much more robust
treatments for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and diseases that right now
we treat in a sort of hit-or-miss, empirical fashion. So I think there
are lots of good things to do on the research side.”


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