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Cosmopolitan professionals looking for opportunities

There is a kind of workers who live in a cosmopolitan international dimension. There used to be a cosmopolitan élite, mostly European or American, maybe linked to a colonial past or to a multinational company present. But it seems to me that there is something new in this space.

This is not about people that need to go away from home to look for a job. The great migrations have not stopped, of course. And they are more and more important: that’s an epic set of stories, with the painful lives of those who leave the place where they are born to try to rebuild something somewhere else. They stay linked to their roots, for some time; many send home some money to alleviate the poverty of those who remained. Sometimes they succeed having their families to join them in the new town where they arrived. That’s what happens and has always happened.

dubaiBut the fast and low cost transportation system that has been lately developed has grown also another dimension to the international job movement. There are opportunities for professionals who move around the planet looking for jobs that need special skills and no stable contract. They work for – let’s say – three months in Dubai, advising a local company for a special project, then they go back home and search for something new, in another place. They need to be known in their field. They are called in a word of mouth sort of medium by companies that need their abilities. Or they actively offer projects to any company that wants to finance them.

Of course, they are architects, engineers, software writers, interface design specialist, and other skilled professionals. I think there is more to find in this space.

It must be added that the internet has made all this much more possible and attractive. Its a sort of international job market that doesn’t need people to migrate, just to move from place to place, and keep a base, maybe at home.

I would like to know more about this kind of jobs. And if somebody wants to share information, comments are very welcomed.


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