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What you laugh at, is what we fear

Bbc and many others have covered the bizarre story of an Italian Prime Minister talking at the phone while the German Chancellor was waiting. 

But Euronews has also noticed that the same Italian Prime Minister is very angry with Italian newspapers that covered that piece of news, too. For those who read Italian, Repubblica has the story. The Prime Minister has said that he is thinking at tough measures against newspapers that in his view damage Italy instead of helping out.

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  • Probably the above mentioned guys now know with whom Mr. Berlusconi was talking at the phone. It is permitted to just laugh at the new “brutta figura” made by the usual Italian media ?

  • Marco, ZDF said same thing Italian newspapers said. Are you so convinced that Berlusconi cannot be criticized that censorship is needed ?

  • Censorship, who talked about censorship ? Mr. Berlusconi erred in invoking “strong actions” (i.e. judicial action for defamation, explicitly mentioned in the Italian “Press law”, as yu know the glorious Italian Constitution, worshipped by many, lacks an explicit defense of the Freedom of Thought), and the press (ZDF included), erred in classifying his acts during the photo opportunity like a “gaffe”. It is permitted to think so ? What are we talking of ?

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