For a better curated media environment
For a better curated media environmentAttenzione media, english (sort of), libri, media, partecipazione, perplessità, Post
A republic is its rational institutions. A democracy is its informed citizens. Institutions are platforms enabling citizens to decide by following a non-violent process of deliberation and voting. Citizens who know and accept their institutions in their rationality have something fundamental in common: they then can divide on opinions, but they live in the same […]
Post-truth democracy, politically correctness and other lies
Post-truth democracy, politically correctness and other liesAttenzione media, Bill of rights, english (sort of), libri, partecipazione, perplessità, Post
We are debating like creazy about post-truth democracy. But we should put it in perspective. Before post-truth politics there wasn’t any “politics of truth”: lies have been the raw material of the political fabric for a lot of time (see a really great survey by the Economist). And yet there is an impression of a […]
Dear American Peopleenglish (sort of), News, partecipazione
Dear American People for more than 50 years, Italians looked up to America and believed to see their future. Italians knew that what was happening in America, was going to happen in Italy in the future. America was a leader, in terms of economy, technology and politics. But now we sort of feel the opposite. Americans risk to […]
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark english (sort of), News, perplessità
Danish parliament approves plan to seize assets from refugees (Guardian) There is something rotten in the state of Denmark (FT) Denmark has been misrepresented – we take better care of refugees than most countries on the planet (Independent) Germany confiscates more from refugees than Denmark (Local) Denmark wants to watch everything you do online (Local) […]
When… from Paris to inside usenglish (sort of), News, visioni
The emotion for the massacre of Paris is seething. In Paris I studied. I found friends for life. I suffered the disappearance of the great masters. I worked. I spent some wonderful moments with my loved ones. I cry for the massacre. I listen to the real experts’ recipes and I hope they will find […]