Shift happens. A work of disruptionenglish (sort of), innovazione, News, perplessità
Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration, writes about disappearing jobs in the future (read his blog post). His thoughts develop the debate started by authors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee (The Second Machine Age). And described in Humans need not apply. We need to give more than a minute to this […]
A lot a lot. And I like David Weinberger’s take on the Italian draft “Declaration of Internet Rights”Approfondimenti, Bill of rights, english (sort of), media, partecipazione, visioni
David Weinberger has a set of comments about the Italian draft “Declaration of Internet Rights”. He says he likes the draft a lot. «A lot a lot». He quotes the draft, the opening for public comment and Fabio Chiusi’s report. «I like the document a lot. A lot a lot. The principles are based on […]
Grande su Mediumenglish (sort of), partecipazione
(A new article has been published two days ago on Medium, about Italy.) Grande! In Italy’s political scene, comedy and tragedy blur. And today, an historical moment became a show History always comes some other day, in Italy. Today, Italians expected history to be written. Enrico Letta, the prime minister, was due to explain his […]
The fascinating history of Olivettienglish (sort of), innovazione
Many have seen the short movie about the history of the Programma 101, the first personal computer in history. It was released in 1965 and became a huge success, especially in the U.S: 44,000 units were sold. The group of engineers led by Pier Giorgio Perotto at Olivetti entered the history of computing. The beauty […]