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AGCOM anti-piracy enforcement measures: worries prevail while Italians debate about free internet

Italy is again at a crossroads about freedom and quality of its media. On July 6, Italy’s telecommunication regulator, AGCOM, will decide how long will let the public debate about the new enforcement tools to fight copyright infringement the Agency is introducing. The law, introduced by the present government, generally requires AGCOM to adopt anti-piracy tools, but the AGCOM proposal gives the Authority itself the power to remove content from Italian websites or to block access to foreign websites accused by copyright holders to break their rights. There will be no need to go...

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Embarrassing questions about Italy

Sometimes you have to answer such a simple question like “where are you from?”. You can work around difficult problems, but you cannot do the same with simple ones. “Where are you from?” Even on my own blog, I would like to skip the question. Because, if you are an Italian, you live in a state of constant embarrassment. That is, of course, linked to articles that flood the international press (everybody knows some of them here at DLD, Munich): Surreal…, New York Times, The Mussolini…, GQ, The Caligulan court…, Telegraph, La fiesta…, El Pais, Les...

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“I’m afraid that it doesn’t come in that, ahm…, manifestation”. Al Red Cat, un ristorante sulla 10a Avenue, Manhattan, un cliente ha chiesto un piatto di carne bovina con un’insalata. Ma la combinazione non era prevista dal menu. Il cameriere molto empatico ha risposto alla richiesta: “Temo che la carne bovina non possa essere, ahm…, manifestata in quella forma”.
Il cameriere è uno studente di Lettere, si è poi scoperto.

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Diesel’s “be stupid” campaign

Smart is stupid. But stupid is not necessarily smart. Diesel’s “be stupid” campaign is evolving. It was about the difference between “brains” and “balls”, which was not at all new (just like the less than shocking difference between “head” and “heart”). Now it is about a much more interesting difference between the “plans” of the smart and the “stories” of the stupid. And it is going towards a more subtile: “smart may have the answers, but stupid has all the interesting questions”. Racked...

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Italian bloggers’ strike

Tomorrow, July 14th, some Italian bloggers will not write. They will protest against the Italian government that is issuing a series of new laws that could limit the freedom of expression online in Italy. There is a ning dedicated to the people that will protest: Diritto alla Rete. Freedom of expression has never been strong in Italy. Our political culture and our political system are hardly those that you should find in a mature democracy. Catholic and communist parties have dominated most of the republican history, in Italy, while fascist parties have never really disappeared. Political...

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