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Contro la sorveglianza di massa. Autodifesa

Oggi è il giorno. The day we fight back against mass surveillance. Con GlobalVoices, Electronic Frontiers Foundation, e altre organizzazioni che si battono per i diritti dei cittadini anche in rete. Si tratta di protestare contro le pratiche di sorveglianza di massa e di affermare che i cittadini possono autodifendersi.

I principi ispiratori sono legali, umani, tecnici. Le firme si raccolgono qui. L’idea è sintetizzata così:

Our world has radically changed since last June, when newspapers started reporting on mass spying based on documents revealed by Edward Snowden. Today, it is widely known that the international spy agencies collect users’ phone calls, emails, address books, buddy lists, calling records, online video game chats, financial documents, browsing history, text messages, and calendar data. We also know that the security agencies have hacked deep into the backbone of the Internet and disrupted international encryption standards. These activities compromise the confidence and safety of countless people, organizations, and companies.

The President’s NSA review group has demanded expansive reforms to NSA surveillance programs. The Congressionally mandated Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board has condemned NSA surveillance programs as illegal. And recent polls have shown that a majority of Americans oppose governmental mass collection of phone and Internet data.

Internet ha abilitato i cittadini a fare molto più di quanto potevano all’epoca della televisione. Se vogliamo essere più che spettatori anche sul piano dei diritti in rete dobbiamo avere un po’ di capacità di azione, non essere solo consumatori di rete, anche produttori di reti. Alfabetizzazione digitale è libertà.

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  • If technical solutions to the type of capabilities and vulnerabilities are NOT found and made affordable and user friendly, than not legislation change will make (almost) any difference.
    As Neelie Krors said: “frameworks are necessary… But uf you want to stop a burglar, you don’t need a lawyer, you need a lock”
    Well all locks are broken, proper locks can be built, and it is in the interest of many new and old power to keep them broken.

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