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Bernie Hogan e la morale di Facebook

Bernie Hogan si interroga sulla dimensione morale di Facebook (TLS).

Questa è la premessa:

Facebook is the world’s largest and most powerful social network: membership is creeping up on 2 billion people. It’s been linked to some of the world’s most significant social movements of the past few years, from the Arab Spring to Black Lives Matter. When the Paris and Orlando shootings happened, like many people, I turned to Facebook to see if my friends were safe. Facebook does not merely host some data about our relationships, but operates for many as the de facto site for maintaining contact with friends and family.

If Facebook is this important both in social and political life, does it then have an ethical responsibility to its users? It appears that the site already enshrines these responsibilities in its “core principles”, including the “freedom to share and connect”, “equality”, “social value” and “transparent process”. These are admirable goals; alas, they do not always hold up in practice.

E queste sono le sue conclusioni:

Facebook’s blind emphasis on openness undermines the complex and often mutually incompatible facets of our lives. Facebook has collected an unprecedented trove of data about its users. It is time they consider ways to use this information to bring users together across political, ideological and cultural lines, rather than either hide us from each other or push us into polarized and hostile camps


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