Fragili commons

Oggi lezione di Lewis Hyde al Berkman Center sulla facilità con la quale i privati depredano i commons culturali. E su come si possono difendere e valorizzare.

“Lewis Hyde’s talk will be drawn from a book he has just finished, Common as Air:  Revolution, Art, and Ownership
One thesis of the book is that the founding generation in the United
States hoped to establish a cultural commons of art and ideas, a lively
public domain of created works that all of us use because nobody
controls it.  What has become apparent in recent years is that the
founders did not leave us with any good way to protect this commons. 
The public domain has turned out to be highly vulnerable to private
capture.  How might this vulnerability be reduced?  How might an
unguarded public domain be converted into a rule-governed and thus
durable cultural commons? “


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  1. Marco,

    Divertente, per salvare il public domain bisogna creare un copyright pubblico con tant di authority di srveglianza, penalità, etc.: QED.

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