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Sabato, 30 giugno 2007

Shade in Italy: Democratic Cocktail Party...
Weekly - sort of - spot about Italian news. (Sorry for my weak English).

Rome Mayor, Walter Veltroni, has been moving the political scene here in Italy. He has offered his candidacy to lead the Democratic Party. All different components of what can become a new party have reacted in all different ways. Catholics, Unionists, Leftists, Postcommunists, Powerists...

Veltroni has criticized the Italian Left for being historically oriented to fight against wealth, while he thinks that it should be preferable fight against poverty. He has been talking about lowering taxes and increasing citizens' security. I didn't hear much discussion about these issues. I only heard talking about positioning and maneuvering.

We have a political class that is fixed in building compromises and that is not engaged in creating a vision. Which is, instead, what we badly need. Veltroni has started a sort of vision. But in general, Italian politicians don't care about vision. Italians do, though.

But Italians have not enough society. They should develop a movement approach. They should make their values and issues heard more. This is the only way to move politicians to think about issues. Italians are not happy with their political class. They should start doing something about it: stop complaining and start discussing. Blogs could help. They should be many more...

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