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Lunedì, 29 dicembre 2008

Ultime notizie...

PewResearch: i siti superano i giornali come fonte di notizie
Inquisitr: i pericoli delle notizie in tempo reale
BusinessWeek: giornali online sostenuti con le donazioni

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Edge. Economisti

Una raccolta di opinioni su Edge sul rapporto tra scienza ed economia. Esempi:
DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF: The greatest danger of this compromised and arbitrary "scientific-style" approach to economics is that it implies an equivalence of the economy with nature.
MIKE BROWN: I think the main thing science has to offer in this crisis right now is a little dose of its traditional empirical humility
GEORGE DYSON: "Ten years ago I started a company based on the assumption that people are basically good," argued E-Bay founder Pierre Omidyar (at the Santa Fe Institute) in 2004. "And now I have the data to prove it." Instead of putting a dozen scientists in a room to come up with a better model of the existing global financial system, we should put a dozen Pierre Omidyars, Elon Musks, Salar Kamangars, and Jeff Bezoses in a room (with Danny Hillis) and let them actually build one (a new financial system, not another model).
EMANUEL DERMAN: This is a noble proposal, but I remain a bit of a skeptic with respect to the ability of a cohort of scientists and economists to find a scientific solution to the problems of our economy. Economies are living organisms, about as old as the oldest profession, and rebuilding the economic system from scratch is a problem in engineering and social engineering, not in science. Human's and scientists don't have a good history as regards social engineering.
MICHAEL SHERMER: Expand the problem by many orders of magnitude and we get a sense of the breathtaking inanity of trying to control an entire economy, no matter how smart the experts in our hypothetical economic Manhattan Project may be. The economy is a product of human action, not of human design. Trying to redesign something that was never designed in the first place is futile. I vote no on an economic Manhattan Project.

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Who nose?

Si avvicina il momento in cui sarà obbligatorio scrivere del futuro, solo perché tutti prevedono - con qualche certezza - che tra poco comincerà un nuovo anno.
Sicché i giornali si preparano a questa incombenza. Qualcuno con maggiore precisione. Da consultare per esempio l'Economist.
Ma lo strumento principale per avere un'idea di dove andare a parare quando si deve scrivere del futuro resta quello di sempre.

Quindi non resta che chiedersi: who nose?

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