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Giovedì, 13 aprile 2006

No end in sight to Italian troubles, but... 

Marc Cooper has written a nice article about Italian politics:

Having lived in Italy for three years in the late 70's, and like my friend Roger Simon, believing it's the greatest place in the world to have lunch, I pay special attention to its national politics.

He is right in what he says. There is no other important angle in Italy if you forget the Italian way of life.

Now: Silvio Berlusconi has changed it.

Not only because of television. Many things happened in Italian politics since he is in it. Post-fascists have got in and have changed in a more democratic kind of party. Northern integralists have got in and have changed in an even more integralist party but with a pragmatic idea of government in the cities where they control local administrations. Taxes can be reduced: they are no more an uncontroversial issue. Public and private schools are both legitimate ways to educate children. And Italy can go to war. Good or not, this is a Right that before Berlusconi was too shy to speak out in Italy.

The problem is that Berlusconi has interpreted all this only in his own interest. And this has limited the impact of the ideas that the Right has brought up.

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