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Mercoledì, 13 luglio 2005

Did you notice Antonio Martino?

Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino met Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld today. I looked in Google News: no American newspaper seem to have given the news. There was only a press release by Jim Garamone of the American Forces Press Service...

This is a measure: how important is Italy in the war in Iraq? Not much.
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An Italian Patriot Act?

Italians are introducing a new legislation reinforcing the police and lowering civil rights. We will arrest with no layer. And we will look into mail and phone calls with fewer problems.

We have always thought that America was the land of freedom and democracy: we thought that if we did like the Americans we were bound to get better.

Well: we are really doing like the Americans. Unfortunately, it happens now...
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Obiettività nel giornalismo?

Un vecchio pezzo su un tema infinito... Il dibattito attorno a questo argomento, nel mondo dei blog, è sempre molto acceso...
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Humor will save a lot of lives...

...not that many as peace. But a lot. I just finished A long way down, by Nick Hornby. In Italian.

Giù di corda, su di morale...

Una lettura dell'ultimo Hornby.
11:59:10 AM    comment [];

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