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Martedì, 26 luglio 2005

Non human? Google's ads

I was reading a post from from our man in Cairo and I noticed those peculiar Google ads. I must admit: I use Google ads in my blog but I very rarely click on them while surfing.

In this case they made me think: the post was about the bombing to Sharm. And those ads were all about last minute planes and hotels in Sharm.

That's non human, of course. In many senses.
3:51:01 PM    comment [];

Bombers in Egypt were targeting Italians?

At least, that's what they tell us. I don't see why the target of a bombing in Egypt should be Italians and not Egyptians. But that's what they tell us. I would like to know what is thought in Egypt about this matter.

The Egyptian ambassador in Iraq has been recently kidnapped. AntiSyrian Lebanese were killed. Suicide bombers killed Arab people in Iraq. And they even killed lots of children. There is no evidence that the bombing in Sharm was aimed at Italians and not at Egyptians, Italians, Britons and other turists...

Italians are probably a possible target. But the media are telling this message too much. As if they had to demonstrate that we should fear something much more than we actually do. As is they thought that when we fear that something strongly enogh we will accept what we have not been prepared to accept until now...
9:38:07 AM    comment [];

I gestori 3G si preoccupano del Wimax

... Ma il governo deve davvero proteggerli?
9:26:47 AM    comment [];

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