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Venerdì, 14 gennaio 2005

Great week for Apple, but...

ROME - Strange thing by Apple, anyway... What's in that lawsuit? The merit or the method annoyed Apple? I can't look at the thing just from one side. And maybe, Apple knows something that I don't and that explains the whole thing. But even if it is like that, Apple is going to lose the pr battle. And what for? They must explain what they know to everybody. Or just leave the game alltogether very soon...

POST - Editor Seeks Legal Aid in Apple Case (AP). AP - The 19-year-old publisher of a Web site facing a lawsuit over an article about a top-secret $499 Apple computer said Friday he can't afford to defend himself. [Yahoo! News: Technology]
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Network wars ahead

ROME - Wimax is going mobile. The industry is not yet sure about all the specifics of the standard but something is clear: they want to make networks that are not just big wifis... They will make something that could compete with 3G. The problem of regulation will arise. And the problem of power, which is of course connected, will be a major threat to Wimax ambitions.

But something is moving. H3g, that operates the 3 network in some countries, including Italy, is selling the physical network to concentrate on operations, services and contents. Consequences can be huge. They will be free of going on any technology they like for developing special services. They will work on television and broadband. And they will be less and less an enemy of Wimax.

As the Internet gurus projected, this is a technology that favors horizontal segmentation instead of the vertical one of the past.

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POST - WiMax vendors creep ahead, look to mobility. WiMax equipment and component makers this week announced steady progress on fixed wireless broadband products but looked eagerly to a future mobile WiMax as industry participants gathered at the Wireless Communications Alliance's WCA International Symposium & Business Expo in San Jose, California. [InfoWorld: Top News]
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