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Domenica, 9 gennaio 2005

What is a communist anyway?

Bill Gates uses this word communist referring to someone that wants a system in which people don't pay for intellectual property. What he fears the most is the notion of free ideas. In his view, ideas must always be on the market, not for free... Poor guy...

Communist were hardly about free flow of ideas. Their control on ideas was total.

Even if, here in Italy, we never had a communist regime, communists have been a very important presence. Some of them were evolutionary, others were revolutionary. The revolutionary didn't have space and time for discussion: they killed people as terrorists. The evolutionary discussed a lot, but took decisions only at the top, sort of denying the importance of discussions. Maybe they were taking orders from Moscow. Of course, they confronted with the democristians, who were taking orders from the Vatican. Thus Italian democracy never was very mature.

Now we have Rome taken by the market fundamentalists. The prime ministers once said that he is better than Bill Gates. And he also uses a lot the "communist" word. There is something similar in them: some sort or irrational fear, or some sort of very rational ideology.
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The communist strange talking by Gates

Gates' interview was a drag. He said that people that would like the copyright system reviewed are sort of communists! Gillmor's coverage is fantastic.

But it is interesting to remember that this is the second famous "communist" mentioning by Gates. The first time he told one of his employees that he was communist because he suggested to give away software online to keep with the Internet explosion. It was 1995. Gates changed his mind only six months later...

The communist word must mean something to Gates' soul. It is fear and it is political opposition to what he feels most dearly. And it is mentioned when he is not smart enough.

His mistake: people that want a new copyright system are not against intellectual property. In fact all creative commons licences are based on the copyright system. They only make a different use of copyright...

When Gates uses the "communist" word it means that he is not thinking enough... he is not paying attention...

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POST - what a total (intellectual) disappointment this man is. If I had the time, and the money, I'd do the deep analysis that it would take to explain to myself why it is I constantly hope to be surprised by Mr. Gates. Yet I never am. Here's BoingBoing reporting the red-baiting of Mr. Gates.

It's one thing to read this sort of thing from a studio exec, or head of a record label -- surrounded as they are by the sort that surround them. But the people I've met at Microsoft are miles beyond this sort of silliness. Does Mr. Gates not even talk to them? [Lessig Blog]
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