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Giovedì, 30 dicembre 2004

Italian Left is going under again...

The Left in Italy was winning. The Right was exploding in pieces.

That's what happened until last November. Zapatero was the hero. Bush the loser. In a matter of weeks Bush has wan, Berlusconi has rebuilt his coalition, Italians have had a decrease in taxes.

And the Leftist parties has started fighting eachother again. Mastella, an ex democristian leader in some very special areas of Central and Southern Italy, has left the Left. And Bertinotti, leader of the communists, is still showing his different view of the coalition discipline... The Left is losing again. And nobody seem to care about the real cultural disaster of this emerging unlawful Italy.

What will happen to our cultural heritage? Will it be privatized? What will happen to public shools? Will they be strangled until everybody will use the altready decided public incentives for those that choose a private school? What will happen to the environment? Are they really starting to sell our coasts? What's already happened is that all unlawful buildings that people had done until now have been regularized by the government against a very low payment for compensation. The environment is not saying "thanks"...

Let's stay tuned. Here is happening a very interesting transformation. But Italians have always been better than their ruling class. Let's hope this is still true...

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