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Martedì, 1 febbraio 2005

Italians debate the iraqi elections as if they were an internal matter

LONDON - The New York Times and Le Monde didn't like Bush's attack on Iraq. But they pleased the results of the elections there. Because they report facts and facts were good, it seems.

We in Italy are making an internal policy matter of it. The government is saying that the Left didn't understand that democracy could be brought in Iraq the way it has been done. And the Left is divided as usual about how to respond. Some are happy. Some are critical.

The fact is that we don't believe in facts. I mean: we keep discussing about the credibility of facts that are reported. We are so much accustomed to the pr kind of facts that everything seems to be such a thing.

Is that really wrong in the present situation? I'm steel unable to answer. I only know that I would like very much to have facts to believe in. And I would like very much that the facts that have been reported from Iraq were credible.
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