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Lunedì, 10 gennaio 2005

Thinking about journalism

Two important events are coming. They should be followed at least online.

Blogging, Journalism & Credibility conference: with David Weinberger and Dan Gillmor, Bill Mitchell (Poynter) and Judith Donath (MediaLab)...

CREATIVE CAPITAL: Culture, Innovation and the Public Domain in the Knowledge Economy


Charles LEADBEATER - Consultant and government advisor on innovation based in London, England. Associate of Demos and author of Living on thin Air: The new economy and Up and Down the Escalator.

Charles LANDRY - Founder of Comedia, Britain's leading cultural planning agency, international authority on the city and cultural industries and author of The Creative City: A toolkit for urban innovators.

Lawrence LESSIG - Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and founder of the school's Center for Internet and Society, and chairman the Creative Commons project. Author of Free Culture and Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace.

Geoff MULGAN - Director, Institute of Community Studies, London, Former director of the UK Government's Strategy Unit and head of policy in the British Prime Minister's office, London.

Luc SOETE - Professor of International Economics and director of MERIT (Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology) and advisor to EU and various European governments.

Pekka HIMANEN - director of the Berkeley Center for Information Society, USA and working at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Finland. Author of The Hacker Ethic and, with Manuel Castells, of The Information Society and the Welfare State.

Stephen GRAHAM - Professor of Human Geography, Durham University, UK. Author of Splintering Urbanism: Networked Infrastructure, Technological Mobilities and the Urban Condition (with Simon Marvin) and editor of the Cybercities Reader.

Luca De Biase, blogging from Italy Please visit my Italian site
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POST - Intel: Home sensors could monitor seniors, aid diagnosis. Intel officials at the International Consumer Electronics Show offered a vision of home networks that use computers to relay health care data about older residents to doctors -- and to family members hoping to keep tabs on them. [Computerworld News]
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POST - The Internet's Future? It Depends on Whom You Ask. A new survey looks at what business leaders think of the future of technology. By By TOM ZELLER Jr.. [NYT > Technology]
8:55:18 AM    comment [];

POST - Observers Wonder If Apple Plans Low-Cost Macintosh. Talk about suspense. Just what does Steve Jobs plan to announce at Macworld? By By JOHN MARKOFF. [NYT > Technology]
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