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Lunedì, 20 dicembre 2004

Mafia and Italian government

VERONA - Try to focus. It is just to put some facts together.

There is a strange relation between Sicily, Mafia and the Italian government.
1. Marcello Dell'Utri, one of Silvio Berlusconi's closest friends, the man who headed Publitalia (the cash cow of Berlusconi's media empire) and created Forza Italia (the vote cow of Berlusconi's political initiative), a senator of the Republic, was found guilty of aiding and abetting the Mafia, given nine years in jail and banned from holding public office.
2. Sicily has given Berlusconi a never seen victory in the latest political elections (in 2001): Forza Italia has wan 100 percent of the seats that it was possible to conquer in Sicily.
3. The new head of Antimafia is going to be elected. It is a responsibility of the judges own decision body. But the government doesn't want to be left out of the decision.

The last problem is interesting. The head of Antimafia is now a very good person who happens to be not that bad in the eyes of the government. But the next head of Antimafia, the one that everybody thinks is perfectly fit for the job is Giancarlo Caselli (he is the one in the picture on your right), one of the judges with the best resume for fighting the Mafia. But he has a problem: when he was in Palermo fighting the Mafia and paying personally with an infernal life style to protect against those that he was contributing to put in jail, it was the Leftist side of the political arena that helped him, not the Right. And he is seen as a leftist himself.

So, how the government can prevent Caselli from being elected as the next head of Antimafia? They are passing a law stating that the present head of Antimafia can continue until he is 72 years old and that the next can only apply for the job if he is less than 68 years old. Well: the day the present head of Antimafia will turn 72, Caselli will have passed his 68th anniversary by 15 days!

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In the meantime, the Lega Nord (a rightist party that before getting into the government with Berlusconi had wanted to cut Northern Italy from the South) has started a campain against admission of Turkey in the European Union... We will follow this... It is a racist position... It wouldn't be acceptable even if it was only for getting some votes...
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