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Giovedì, 23 dicembre 2004

Broken Italy

Strange days, before New Year. The Left is winning ground but loses its unity exactly on the main issue: how to redefine its governance not to appear anymore uncertain about what to do. The Right reacts with its controversial tax reduction but loses its unity on the new no smoking law.

Italy seems as unwilling to be governed as it has always been. We are the best liberal experiment in the world. We answer to the most difficult question: is it possible to have a society without state? Every public role is interpreted as a private resource. Privatization in Italy is obvious.

Restaurants are worried because the new law asks them to be the patrol against smokers. Why should they prosecute their own customers? Because it is the law, somebody from abroad would say. Not in Italy: the law does not define what people has to do, the law in Italy is at best an advise to be discussed. The government has broken on this issue. But they are not worried: the opposition is broken even more. Romano Prodi, the leftist leader, is going to think hard [^] as he said [^] about what is happening to his coalition. It is the only good news. Thinkers are in real demand at the moment. We could even import some.

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Remedies may not help Microsoft's competitors. PARIS - IT industry watchers and legal observers were skeptical Wednesday of the significance of a ruling by a European court that Microsoft must comply with antitrust remedies imposed by the European Commission. Analysts doubted the power of the remedies to achieve their stated goal of boosting competition in two key software markets: workgroup servers and media players. [InfoWorld: Top News]
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How Microsoft played the patent card, and failed. Analysis Judge Bo not impressed [The Register]
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Analysts: Media Player Too Ingrained (AP). AP - Microsoft Corp. has strategically nurtured its Windows Media Player, making it by far the world's most dominant program for playing digital music and video on computers. Rival RealNetworks Inc.'s product ranks a very distant second. [Yahoo! News: Technology]
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