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Domenica, 26 dicembre 2004

«Americans only think money: no happiness...»

I met him in New York. He was the taxidriver nodding in irony to a motorbiker that seemed so much in a hurry... He told me: "Americans only think money. Money, money, money. No happiness". He asked from where I was. "Italy? Very beautiful. I lived there...". I asked where he lived. And he said he lived all over Europe: Germany, Serbia, Italy. His father was an ambassador from Ghana. Following his father he learned German, Serbian and other languages. He ended up in New York as a translator for the Un. When he was too old for that job, he quit and started as a taxidriver. But he doesn't like very much the American way of life. "If you think too much to money, you have no time. And no happiness".

His name in America is John Baffo (that's what he said). He is an Ashanti.

Ashanti people live in Ghana. They were strong and proud. They resisted the British empire more than any other people in Africa. They still are strong and proud. And they judge our economic culture as a real mess...

Yes, I'm looking for different economic cultures...

Luca De Biase, blogging from Italy Please visit my Italian site
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Here comes the fun...

I've started writing my next book. It's about a very broad question. Why economy is such a mess? It is perception. Why the media are so keen in giving an idea of economy as something that works following rules that have been dismissed by history? Do we really believe in the media way to tell the economic story? If we do, why we live so much difficult times? And if we don't, why we are not creating anything different? The truth is that we live in a world of ideas and that we are not able to see ourselves from outside. Which is obviously a problem. It shows the need for a new approach to the media way to tell the world.

Ah, well, of course these are just questions. And if you have some comments, they will help. I will be more explicit going on with writing...

Luca De Biase, blogging from Italy Please visit my Italian site
12:43:46 PM    comment [];

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