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Mercoledì, 15 dicembre 2004

Happy Christmas, sort of, from Tokyo...

It's a cool evening. People are walking through shops of all sorts.

The best is a bookshop. Design, photography, architecture... I spent hours in there...

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Extremely blogger

TOKYO - A message to all the Master's bloggers from Beppe Caravita. He is extreme. But his blog is extremely worth reading.

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POST - Microsoft Unveils Software to Find Files (AP). AP - Microsoft Corp. on Monday joined the battle for supremacy in so-called desktop search, introducing software for quickly locating files on personal computers that challenges Google's two-month-old rival product. [Yahoo! News: Technology]
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POST - Nokia's Back on Top (The Motley Fool). The Motley Fool - After a dismal start to 2004, Nokia (NYSE: NOK - News) is finally reasserting its dominance in the cell-phone market, proving, once again, why it's good to be the top dog in your industry. [Yahoo! News: Technology]
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POST - And speaking of gifts. So the most significant change in my technology-related life in the last year is the elimination of spam without a white-list technology. I used to use Mailblocks for my main account, but Marc Perkel convinced me to try his own boolean spam filter.

I'm on record saying such systems could never work. I was wrong. Marc's system is amazing. I get endless email. His system filters the mail into three boxes -- my inbox, a low probability box, and a high probability box. I have never found a mistake in the high probability box, so I no longer look at it. I very rarely find a mistake in the low probability box, so I scan it about once a week (maybe 1% error). And it is almost fun to get an error in my inbox, reminding me that there still is this problem of spam out there.

Anyway, I'm giving Marc's spam filter service to my family for Christmas (no, they don't read my blog). And I'd recommend it to anyone else out there looking for a gift (note, I don't have any financial interest in this). As Marc described to me: I sell it as a service. I can do it several ways. If someone wants a single email address I can give them a account. $25/year. Or I can host their email domain for $95/year. Or I can be a front end spam filter where I clean it and pass it on to their existing email server $75/year.

You can reach him for the next 8 days at this jetable address. [Lessig Blog]

And I can add that i.Net anti-spam filter works very well, too.
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Caring monkey

TOKYO - This statue at the entrance of a temple is protecting those that care for Japan. It's a very special idea of their country, the one that Japanese share. Japan is a single entity, a sort of organism. With all the trees, stones, animals and people united in one great family. Harmony is preferred to fight. And everything seems to be organized around this peculiar and very wise concept. A concept that makes us, Western people, seem so different here.

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