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Lunedì, 2 giugno 2008

Garbage State

–Experts have agreed on the suitability of the Chianiano dump. Confirmed by the Prime Minister during a press conference on the waste emergency in Naples, explaining that in case of further protests, “the State will become the State again”, or better still, said the Premier «“The State will use force»”. Chianiano will be a military zone with a protected dump – he concluded – those who oppose will be prosecuted”. (AGI)

What will happen if protesters will move against the dump - as they already did - with women and children in the front rows? What will do the army then? Will they arrest hundreds of people? Will they shut? I'm hopeful it will not be the case. And I know that most of Italy wants the waste problem in Naples to be solved. It will be a matter of dealing with Camorra, with local population, and with contradictory political authorities in Naples and in Rome. But it is clear that we are playing with the fire. The waste problem in Naples have been a sort of terroristic attack on the previous government. It must be solved. With an idea of the State that is not a Carbage State. But a State that we can be proud of...

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