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Sabato, 3 settembre 2005

Bush declares War on Weather

Through Paolo Valdemarin I found that line and I smiled bitterly...

The disaster is immense in New Orleans, which I visited byking all around: funny, sad and sort of desperate for becoming old...

A part from the leader, America's political class is doing a great job in promising to rebuild soon. But America's society is doing a poor job in demonstrating the good side of itself. When Florence was flooded, people went down in the wet and helped. But, from here in Italy we are only hearing about looting and shooting other people to get some advantage out of a tragedy. Is it true? Or is this information only a mirror of what we Europeans want to think about America's society?
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I difetti dei brevetti

Un promemoria: dare un'occhiata al libro di Adam B. Jaffe & Josh Lerner (Innovation and its discontents) per commentare meglio il silenzio della Apple sui dei brevetti di Microsoft e Creative che secondo qualcuno potrebbero intralciare la marcia trionfale dei suoi iPod.
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