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Sabato, 27 agosto 2005

Beppe Caravita su informazione e blog

Da leggere. Pieno di suggestioni. Il tema è infinito, ma bisogna pur cominciare a lanciare seriamente delle sonde esplorative...
12:26:39 PM    comment [];

Ratzinger and the number 12

The Pope has given 12 speeches in Köln last week. During the first one he has been interrupted 12 times for applause. And he met 12 Muslim local leaders.

What a coincidence. His pr are quite nerds, aren't they?

But apart from that: he has been talking about violence and religion. He said it was a "mistake" to fight wars in the name of God.

Are we sure that the right word is "mistake"?

It was a complex political system the one that generated the Crusades. And it is a complex political system the one that convinces some Muslim youngsters to become terrorists in the name of Islam. It is not a mistake: it is a system that must be declared and fought off.

Two more words (in Italian) about it on Braudel

Ratzinger: un errore la Guerra in nome di Dio

Credo che non sia un errore. Ma un peccato gravissimo. Ho scritto due parole in materia su Braudel.
10:03:08 AM    comment [];

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