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Venerdì, 12 agosto 2005

Blogonomics: My online book about a sort of economics at the age of blogs

It is in Italian. I'll try and have it translated... if you reeeally want me to...

Economia e blog è arrivato oltre la metà...

Il libro che sto pubblicando online sull'economia, la felicità e un po' di blog è arrivato oltre la metà. Continuate a mandarmi i vostri suggerimenti e commenti, se ne avete voglia. Diventeranno a loro volta nuovi capitoli di questo lavoro...
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Voip: the beauty and the threat

Beautiful voip. Low cost phone calls. But also trouble for traditional telcos... Which is good if they react. Frost & Sullivan think that Voip will account for 75% of world voice services by 2007! Take a look at this InformationWeek's report. And read EquiLiber's ideas.
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Italian dossier about Somalia: scary

Italian secret services have prepared a big dossier about Somalia, as La Repubblica reports.

The scenario is horrible. Somalia is a country with no state. Violent bands control the territory. And between them, some are clearly linked to terrorism.

People's and organizations' names change continuously. But what they do is clear: they control the territory with money, weapons and the Islamic fundamentalist ideology. Money comes from Europe, where many Somali people work and send euro home through the new money transfer organizations (the old Barakat Telecommunication was prosecuted by Italian police, but now other organizations are active: Hormood Telecom and Mustaqbal Money Tranfser). Weapons are bought from anywhere and arrive to Somali ports in El Man (Mogadiscio), Merca and Obbia. Fundamentalist propaganda is strong and efficient.

Italians know this kind of situation. Italians have been in Somalia for a long time. It is Mafia with an ideological taste. And with a different foreign policy: Mafia was linked to some sort of America, these people are born from another sort of America but work for somebody in Saudi Arabia.

The Somali boss is a guy that always wears a baseball cap. We know that Al-Quaeda was born from American strategic nightmares. We also know that Americans left Somalia after finding that it was too much expensive to control it.

But now it is some sort of Arabia that is making the law here. Do you know that Somali people can go to the hospital in Arabia for free?

That's Wahhabite propaganda. And Wahhabite foreign policy. Americans think that they use Arabs. But Arabs think that they use Americans. From Somalia, this seems very clear.

See also: very new reporting in WorldNews
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