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Lunedì, 25 aprile 2005

Good start for Ratzinger

He said: "I will not follow my ideas. I will listen".

It was quite intelligent for an intellectual. The Holy Gost has started to give the new pope his role. But the intellectual was there. Because he said "I will listen". Everybody understood "I will listen to the world". But he said "I will listen to the word and the will of God". And of course it will be him who says what was that word...

We know where he should listen:

1. People is dying in Africa because the Church refuses to deal with condoms

2. Europe is helping Turkey out of its undemocratic way of life by designing a roadmap to admittance in the Ue, but Ratzinger was against Turkey getting into Europe.

3. Ecumenism means that all paths towards spiritual experience are good and this understanding leads to peace, while doesn't deny the opportunity for affirming one's own point of view. But Ratzinger didn't seem to think this way.

Ratzinger is gone. Now we have Benedict. And this could prove different. It could. We hope.
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