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Martedì, 19 aprile 2005

Memories of 5/11

Yesterday, I had a new experience with the Us Immigration. They kept my papers for a long, long time. Nobody seemed to do anything. Waiting for the solution to a complicated problem involving a person from East Europe. There were all kind of people in the room, waiting to know if they could take a look at the Statue of Liberty.

I was losing my connection to Orlando. An hour and a half had passed. The officers were tiping and tiping. They didn't seem to be looking into any paperwork.

Suddenly, a man from Alitalia checked in the room. He was very thin and shy. I didn't realize he was a man from Alitalia. But somebody said a word that made me ask his help. He was very silent. He told me to sit down. He didn't seem he was going to do anything. He just said a word, a wisper to the officer, who was very busy with his computer.

He made the magic. My papers came out from nowhere and I was saved. He was very polite with me. And very diplomatic about his thoughts. But we understood eachother very well, without having to state any explicit comment.

(For those who missed my story with the Immigration there is some background here). 5/11 is the day when a journalist was not allowed to enter the States because he had declared he was a journalist.
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Orlando, Florida...

Rim Wireless Enterprise symposium

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