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Domenica, 3 aprile 2005

I miss truth. But I don't want Truth

This is a great account about what happens in Kyrgysztan. It is also the sort of evidence that we need the most about the fact that the world wants to speak and to show things from different angles. Difference is freedom and wealth. But only when it is expressed. When it is communicated and listened. When it is bridges and not walls. Ok: we know this. So what is wrong with this picture?

It makes me think at the major fact happened here in Italy this year: the pope is dead. We were all fond of him. But he has lost his main battles: those against war, damned big money, materialism... Who is speaking about this? Not many. Everybody is speaking only about how we were all fond of him and how sad we are that he is dead. Why? Because we are all communicating but not sharing... To share we need to change idea and go towards some common direction. But we cannot do this if we only think at different points of view... universal relativism is not enough, of course.

We communicate, we look at different points of view, we are glad that this happens. But it is not enough. To go in the same direction we also need a sort of sense of truth. We don't want too much of a truth because truths often lead to violence... But without truth only lies remain...

So tell me: where are we going? We are sinking, here in Italy, under an enormous amount of communication of lies. A simple truth, something that we can really share, seems more and more difficult to find.
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