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Giovedì, 31 marzo 2005

I was happy when I had to go to America, until 5/11

Not anymore. I will leave to San Francisco on Monday. I will arrive at the immigration and live once again my nightmare. Last year I was brutally questioned, refused the immigration and sent back to Italy. And now everytime I have to go it is a nightmare.

I'm a good guy. I remember that day (may 11). I went to America as usual to do research for some articles: I'm a journalist, that's my fault. As usual I frankly said why I was entering the States: "I'm a journalist", I said. Because it is the truth. If I had said "I'm a tourist" I would heve entered. But I didn't lie. And I didn't have the special visa that journalists need to get in the States.

I entered the States many times before, without a visa and always telling the truth. So I thought that the visa was preferred but not required.

I was sent back. I got a visa. And now I can enter the States. But every time it's a nightmare: they ask questions, they look at me as if I was a bad guy trying to cheat them, then they let me in but they seem to think that they could send me back at any moment.

I asked why. It seems that they have on their system information about me saying that I was trying to enter the States without the visa and that I knew that I needed a visa. Thus, I will need a visa forever and I will have my nighmare forever when entering the States.

When they got this information and they sentenced me to this pain, I didn't have a loyer, and was not allowed to make a phone call. Is this democracy? I mean: they can do this with suspected terrorist. But they shouldn't do this to people that tells the truth and just has not a visa that didn't seem to be necessary until last year... It seems absurd to me!

And now I have to go back there, for the fourth time, with my new visa: waiting for the nightmare to begin.
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Funny capitalists in Italy

Funny. A Spanish bank and a Dutch bank want to buy two Italian banks. The Bank of Italy says unofficially "I don't like it". Officially they say: "I don't like it very much".

They say that only Italian banks are able to understand Italian needs. But Italian banks do go abroad and buy foreign banks. In Eastern Europe, Italians are incredibly number one... Foreign banks don't understand Italy, but Italian banks understand Eastern European ones.

We are funny. Aren't we?
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Economic terrorism

In France AZF is a terrorist group that has no ideological soul: it is merely economically driven.
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