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Venerdì, 25 marzo 2005

But what do the Chinese want?

This is the main question. Romano Prodi has said that the Chinese prime minister has told him that they want to have an equilibrated trade balance (at present they have a huge surplus, of course). This means that they want their people to increase their consumption and imports. Imports will be oil, Western goods and Chinese expatriates' goods and services. Chinese expatriates work hard and become rich, sometimes very rich. They are all over the world. They will learn Western ways to think and will become used to freedom of expression. They will contribute with their relations to new developments in China. But it is very early to say if this will lead to the collapse of the totalitarian regime in China or it this will help it to continue for a long time. They are pragmatic: and they are focused. And they are helping their people to overcome poverty: many Chinese are probably happy with what's happening...

It is us that we need to understand better the situation. It is no more a Western centric world the one we live in. This is hard to digest for Europeans and Americans. And harder for Americans, I guess...
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There is an American, a European, and a Chinese...

Human rights in China are in a mess. At least they are from a Western perspective. An Italian journalist, who is presently attending a Master in Journalism at Università di Padova is closely following the developments. Matteo Mohorovicich keeps a very interesting blog about the subject.

Citizenlab has something more on Western companies selling technologies that the Chinese government uses to block their people freedom of information and expression. The Us company SecureComputing, Citizenlab also says, is selling filtering technologies used by authoritarian regimes in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and Iran.

Cisco, whose technology is used in China to block the people that want to freely use the Internet, has answered me that they just sell machines and that they don't adjust them to the special use that the Chinese government makes of them. The same could be probably said about Sun helping the Chinese in implementing Linux in their country: the Chinese, it seems, use the open source solution to introduce troyan horses meant to control the use of the Internet. We all know about Google being filtered for the same purpose.

The Us don't want Europe to sell weapons to China. Should we ask the Us not to sell any technologies that can be used to damage human rights in China?

Any problem with China is big and tricky. This is bigger and trickyer than most.
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