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Domenica, 6 marzo 2005

Why Americans shoot the Italian officer and then let the survivors go?

Americans shoot an Italian in Iraq. The American government promised to clarify everything. But the American troops have said what they think already: they didn't know that Giuliana Sgrena had been liberated and they acted as requested by procedure.

There is one question that nobody has tried to answer. Why, after shooting some 350 times against the car that was bringing Giuliana to the airport, they stopped and let it go? Did somebody tell them they were making a mistake? Did somebody know?

If somebody knew, why they didn't tell it the patrol before they shoot?
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Hostage recalls 'hail of gunfire'. Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena describes how US troops shot at her car after her release in Iraq. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
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Madrid democracy & terrorism conference. For reasons that are unclear, but I wasn't inclined to argue about them, I've been invited to a "summit" on "democracy, terrorism and security" in Madrid next week, me and my close personal friends Rebecca MacKinnon, Ethan Zuckerman, Dan Gillmor, Joi Ito, David Isenberg, and Bill know, the same old crowd. About thirty of us (excluding Bill) are in a group talking about the Net, democracy and terrorism, not a topic I know a lot about. I presume there will be some arguing in favor of tightening security on the Net in order to prevent terrorism, an approach me... [Joho the Blog]
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Body of Italy agent returns home. The coffin bearing the body of an Italian agent, shot by US troops in Iraq after releasing a hostage, arrives in Rome. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
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