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Giovedì, 17 marzo 2005

Ah... Italian prime ministers explains...

Yes, he said he has been misquoted... journalists invented the case... He is funny...
10:16:46 PM    comment [];

There were so many choices better than Wolfowitz...

Economists from the developing countries are worried. Choosing Wolfowitz to head the World Bank means so much to everybody... It seems so clear: what they always feared and denounced is becoming true...

Two of them sent me a message to pass it around. Here it is:

«Dear Collegues,

Paul Wolfowitz[base ']s nomination as head of the World Bank is an unacceptable move for the developing world. Mr. Wolfowitz[base ']s ideological approach to security issues as shown in Irak is likely to translate into ideological policies to address poverty and economic growth. Policy makers and the research community from developing countries should strongly call the Governments leading the Bank to appoint a non-ideological but impartial economist heading such a valuable institution. For those who agree please forward this email to your colleagues.»

Francisco Perez Calle André Urani
10:14:58 PM    comment [];

Don't worry, alliance... Italy has only one word: oops!

Going for a win in the next regional elections, the Italian prime minister says anything that pleases his polls' manager. Two days ago he said that Italy will pull out of Iraq in September. Lowering his voice he added that this was true if Iraquis will be able to give themselves some security.

Italians were pleased. Even the opposition was pleased. The polls' manager was right. But...

Bush and Blair hurried to explain: Italians will not pull out of Iraq until we tell them to do so. And September seems to be much too soon. The Italian prime minister reacted in minutes: «I was only expressing my hope to pull out of Iraq in September».

Italians in war have only one word.

But they can never remember which one it was... oops!
8:51:24 AM    comment [];

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