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Giovedì, 24 febbraio 2005

POST - As viral as a splinter. Online Media Daily reports that MSN Search has started a "viral campaign" created by an agency called 42 Entertainment. But I don't get what's viral about it. The main page, MSNFound, aggregates six phony blogs supposedly written by a demographically-appealing set of people. The individual blogs are one-entry and not very interesting. In fact, they are interest-averse, as so much marketing is. For example, the one by the so-called conspiracy theorist has a small banner about the "Enron/Afghanistan connection," but it's not linked to anything. The aim seems to be to get you to click on links that are in... [Joho the Blog]
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POST - Bloggers Add Moving Images to Their Musings. Software for creating and maintaining Web logs now offers tools for adding audio, photos and video - and even updates by cellphone. A look at the latest offerings. By By SANDEEP JUNNARKAR. [NYT > Technology]
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POST - Pope's return to hospital: Your reaction. Pope John Paul II has returned to hospital in Rome for treatment for flu-related breathing problems. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
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Here Syria...

POST - Syria 'to shift Lebanon troops'. Syria is to move its troops in Lebanon closer to its own border, Lebanon's defence minister has said. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
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POST - Google and Yahoo receive downgrade. Fearing a slowdown in the online-ad market, analyst downgrades the stocks of search giants Google and Yahoo. [CNET]
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POST - Dell turns up volume on music, games. Computer giant offers new notebooks and music players to round out its business-heavy product portfolio. [CNET]
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VERONA - Here in Europe, we think that Bush is going to attack Siria... And he spoke to Putin about it right today in Bratislava... But there are other possibilities as Salon says.

POST - Will the U.S. attack Iran this June?. In the midst of ongoing speculation about the possibility of a U.S. bombardment of Iranian nuclear targets, the blogosphere has been buzzing over comments made by former UNSCOM weapons inspector Scott Ritter at an antiwar event in Olympia, WA, on Feb. 18. Ritter, an outspoken opponent of the war on Iraq, surprised the crowd with details about a conversation he said he'd had with a source connected to the Bush administration back in October 2004. He claimed that he had been told, in confidence, that President Bush had signed off on military plans calling for the aerial bombardment of Iran in June 2005. []
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POST - The Road To Powerful Instant Vertical Communities: Personal Media Aggregators. Personal Media Aggregators are the road to create instant-vertical-communities by way of becoming fulcrum points around which news, commentary, discussion, and networking opportunities around a very specific topic, brand, celebrity or writer can become a cohesive aggregating force. Photo credit:...... [Robin Good's Latest News]
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