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Domenica, 13 febbraio 2005

POST - Nokia Getting Ready To Compete In 3G Market (Investor's Business Daily). Investor's Business Daily - It's still No. 1 in cell phones, but Nokia has lost some market share. [Yahoo! News: Technology]
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POST - Carl Fiorina? He'd Probably Be Out of Work, Too. If Carleton S. Fiorina were a man, would the outcome of her turbulent tenure as chief executive of Hewlett-Packard have been different? By By CLAUDIA H. DEUTSCH. [NYT > Technology]
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POST - Pope blesses Vatican crowds. Pope John Paul II makes his first Sunday appearance at the Vatican after his recent hospital treatment. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
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POST - Long way 'round. Go to MSN's Mappoint site by clicking here. Tell it you want directions from Haugesund in Norway to Trondheim in Norway. Click "Get directions." SPOILER: [I find out about this through an email that was forwarded.]... [Joho the Blog]
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POST - Inventor Kurzweil Aiming to Live Forever (AP). AP - Ray Kurzweil doesn't tailgate. A man who plans to live forever doesn't take chances with his health on the highway, or anywhere else. [Yahoo! News: Technology]
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