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Venerdì, 18 febbraio 2005

Politicians with a blog

Romano Prodi has his own blog. He writes that he has opened it with some doubts. But then decided to do it because if it will help to convince just one more person to the reasons of his coalition then it will have been worth it.

Convince? One person?

It doesn't seem to be a very ambitios or innovative plan. I wonder what happens abroad.

Thanks to Paolo Valdemarin for showing it to me...
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POST - Interactive Viral Campaigns Ask Consumers to Spread the Word. As more Americans become comfortable with the Web, agencies are increasingly producing interactive online campaigns, even for goods that hardly anyone buys online. By By NAT IVES. [NYT > Technology]
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POST - Where will the tag sets come from?. Marco Montemagno has an idea to help people aggregate blogs that express opinions: Tag your post with "opinionradar" and the topic. He explains it here. He asked me via email what I think, and I responded. He's generously posted my response on his site. Here's what I said: I think the general idea is good and that something like it will succeed, but I think it's more likely to come from some huge player, especially Google. I'm very interested in seeing how tagging becomes a differentiated space instead of the flat space it is now. Already people are suggesting... [Joho the Blog]
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POST- Live blogging a media event. The weekly blogging meeting, 7-8:30, at the Berkman Center this week is being recorded by a team from ABC News for Nightline. Our topic is what's on the record and what's off the record, and, of course, this time the discussion is entirely on the record. It's a bizarre experience. The bit Sony camera gets swung around to point at the person speaking, changing everything. It's attention made physical. I'm worried because the conversation keeps talking about the question in terms of the tiny handful of bloggers who view themselves as doing some type of journalism. That's how the mainstream... [Joho the Blog]
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POST - China making great leap forward in tech. Once thought of as a cheap manufacturer of computer parts, country is poised to do more and more design work. [CNET]
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POST - Microsoft outFirefoxed?. So far the company's playing it low-key, but CNET's Charles Cooper says a barrage of verbal pyrotechnics is just around the bend. [CNET]
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