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Giovedì, 17 febbraio 2005

POST - podcasting - the experiment. So because I only understand things by tinkering with them, I've decided to tinker with podcasting. I am convinced from an intellectual perspective that this one of the most important net-related developments in a long time. But I need to understand it more than intellectually. Thus, with thanks to Dave Winer and Adam Curry for start-up advice, an experiment in podcasting begins.

I have started, however, exactly where they said I should not -- reading written texts. Wired has encouraged me to podcast readings of my columns, and as that was an easy and deadline-related reason to get going, I've made that the beginning. The best of podcasting, I am told and have seen, is not read, but written. Writing in mp3 is something I hope to experiment with soon.

Until then, here is 050201 (the first, maybe the only, podcast from February, 2005): A reading of my March column in Wired, read with a very bad cold.

(Geeknote: I'm using Brandon Fuller's very cool MT-enclosures, I hope properly.) [Lessig Blog]
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Killing an iPod: harder than it looks?. 3GSM Music phones unnatural, as born killers go... [The Register]
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Plutonium 'missing' at Sellafield. Sellafield's records show 30kg of plutonium is unaccounted for, British Nuclear Group is expected to announce. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
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POST - Transparency and forgiveness. I find the story of Eason Jordan's resignation from CNN disturbing, but not for the reasons Scott Rosenberg suggests: I'm not shedding tears for the CNN executive. I'm always amazed at the stupid things CEOs, politicians, news honchos and other people who hold public responsibility will say in public (and do in private), thinking that the inherent power of their position grants them carte blanche and wraps them in Teflon. If they need to be beaten up over and over again until they really, really understand that — as the saying goes in blog-land — "off the record is dead,"... [Joho the Blog]
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POST - The New IE, i.e., Firefox scares Microsoft. RageBoy points to the Microsoft Internet Explorer Weblog where someone named Dave — "the guy responsible for IE" — tells us Microsoft will release IE 7.0 before Longhorn and that it will kick butt somehow. There are 544 comments. I assume that IE 7.0 will mercilessly rip-off Firefox, which is exactly what should happen. But Firefox escapes the leapfrog paradigm because its friendly development environment — and the commitment of so many talented developers — means that features get added whenever anyone has a good idea. In fact, here's a suggested mouse gesture for use within Firefox: It'd open an... [Joho the Blog]
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