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Domenica, 20 febbraio 2005

POST - Bad Economy Leads Iranians to Seek Fortune in Supernatural. Fortunetelling and the desire to connect with the supernatural is growing as emotional and social frustration among Iran's largely young population is rising. By By NAZILA FATHI. [NYT > Home Page]
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POST - Experts: Global Warming Is Real. Studies that measure ocean temperature rather than air temperature are more accurate in determining whether the climate is changing, scientists say. And the newest studies conclude that the planet is warming up, and people are to blame for it. [Wired News]
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POST - 3GSM 2005: complete coverage. In the Cannes [The Register]
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POST - Democrazia 3.0.. Mi si è abbioccato il Presidente, ovvero le trappole della Rete per i politici. [Blog Notes (feed rss)]
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POST - Four Strong Emerging Markets. But How to Play Them?. What do Brazil, Russia, India and China have in common? They have the greatest prospects for long-term economic growth among big emerging-market countries, in the view of many analysts. By By GERALDINE FABRIKANT. [NYT > Business]
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POST - In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President. The tapes provide a rare record of George W. Bush as a politician as he was first moving onto the national political stage. By By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK. [NYT > Home Page]
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