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Domenica, 16 ottobre 2005

Electoral mess in Italy

Italian government is changing the electoral law. Next elections are due in less than six months and all the polls are saying that the Right will lose and the Left, which is now at the opposition, will win.

Instead of changing policy or leader, the Right lead by Silvio Berlusconi is changing the electoral law in a way that makes it easier for the Right to limit the risk of a defeat and that it makes harder for the Left to win a vast majority.

It doesn't seem fair at all. Italians are quietly protesting. But not many people are talking about this. And this happens also because the Left has not yet finished assessing who will gain and who will lose - in their specific leftist equilibrium - with the new electoral system.

It is sad. But the popular right to influence decisions by voting is more and more forgotten. Of course, a democracy like Usa's one has not many things to teach left, after what happened in Florida and Ohio. But still Italians could learn something: rules should be respected, not changed at will in the personal interest of some powerful people.
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