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Sabato, 27 novembre 2004

VERONA - Worried about the future of numbers? Here are some info. At the OECD they are updating the report about what happened in Palermo at the OECD's World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy. Take a look...

And here is my paper: Facts, numbers and journalism

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VERONA - An interview of mine with David Weinberger was published: L'Espresso, December 2nd, 2004. The title: "Mister Blogger". He says, for example: "The media don't seem to get the Internet right. They imagined the Internet as just a factory of money for a while. Then they stopped taking care of it when the bubble burst. Now they listen only to the first 100 blogs in terms of pageviews. And they lose 10 million bloggers that are just talking to eachother, creating one of the most important phenomena of our time"...

L'Espresso doesn't publish this article for free online. Their url:

You can also find the text on my Italian site.

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