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Sabato, 6 novembre 2004

VERONA - The frame is all. The frame is what we think. News goes into the frame and that's all we remember.

Until last week the frame was about the end of the Right Wing power in Italy. It was badly beaten in the recent elections. It was rejected in Europe, with the bad idea of sending there Mr. Buttiglione. And it was unable to make a decision about the promised cut in taxation.

This week it is the end for the Leftists. Mr. Massimo D'Alema, sort of self-appointed boss of the Left that nobody likes and that never tells something encouraging, has started this new frame, by saying that the Left loses the elections if it treats the Right as if it was the devil. And, says D'Alema, the American elections demonstrate that.

This has put the Left in a state of discouragement. "How comes: we were winning and now, because of Kerry, we are losing again?"

The Right profits of all this. It is since some years that the Right profits from what Mr. Massimo D'Alema says and does.

Not many have treated the Right as if it was the demon. Many, many criticized it badly. Is criticising someone equal to treat someone like a demon? Mr. D'Alema referred to the comparison between Kerry and the Left in Italy: but someone has heard Kerry treat Bush as if he was a demon?

D'Alema has not helped his own cause.

Let's see what happens when Romano Prodi finally comes back to Italy.

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