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Venerdì, 22 ottobre 2004

Some Italian sources said that the order came from the Fbi. Others that it was a British or Swiss decision. But it was Italian..

Indimedia: the order came from Italy[sigma]

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Washington follows with a distracted eye what happens between Rome and Bruxelles. But it could be interesting.

Roman Catholics have long since started their battle for improving their influence on the European political culture. The illuminist idea of Europe is having problems containing the Catholic escalating set of requests.

Bruxelles thinks that the political system must be free from ideologies and religious influences because it must be superior to all of them. Rome wants its principles heard and not ignored in Bruxelles, because they are of course superior to any human political system.

From the Constitution to gays' rights, the Vatican has battled Bruxelles. And lost. Until now. But Rome is patient. And now is sending Rocco Buttiglione, a radical Roman Catholic, to hold one the most important roles in the new Commission. Is there going to be a daily war of words between Buttiglione and Bruxelles? And if yes, how hard can this affect the European capability of using the Ue's soft-power in the next geopolitical phase, in which Europe could be much more useful to global stability than it has been until now?

Vatican worries about European policy

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