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Martedì, 19 ottobre 2004

TAIPEI - Did you notice this alliance within the European Union?

It worth a reminder: a Stratfor analysis published last June is still interesting (I can only quote a little bit of it because it is Copyrights 2004 - Strategic Forecasting, Inc. All rights reserved").

"Representatives from the EU countries of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia on June 25 in Prague agreed to join forces to effect favorable EU legislation. Led by Austria, the bloc will pursue its own interests and not firmly side with any established European power grouping, despite having anti-federalist preferences."

Where is Italy? I mean: do we have any European strategy? After Romano Prodi leaves Bruxelles, our representative at the Commission will be Rocco Buttiglione (if nothing new happens). The European Parliament has critiqued him for having said that gays are sinners.

He said that on purpose.

He wanted to create a case about religion (he is a catholic) and the European Union: the new Constitution doesn't mention the religious roots of European culture, while the Vatican had strongly asked for such a paragraph. Is this going to be the new Italian position in Europe? Other countries like Austria organize for managing their interests and we take a minoritarian, idealistic and highly controversial position?

All this has happened a few days ago. After some noise, everybody forgot. But Europe is our context. And we should take it much more carefully. We'll stay tuned.

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