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Sabato, 18 settembre 2004

In Rome an important, international football (soccer) match was interrupted because an object thrown from the public has hit the referee, who went away bleeding. The team will pay for it. And the city, too.

Romans have complained against that individual that has provoked such damage to the city. They seem to think that it was a stupid gesture, made by a stupid individual, that does not represent the city.

In reality, the referee was hit by one of the very many objects that very many people had thrown in the same moment. And those objects were thrown from the ''tribuna d'onore'', the place were the very important persons sit at the stadium.

It was not an individual: it was a ruling class, hitting the referee.

It is a metaphor for our present situation, here in Italy. We need better laws and enforce them, believing that the referee is just and legitimate. This could modernize us. In reality, we believe that we have too many laws, which are not enforceable and so the referee is free to choose whatever he wants. This gives him an illegitimate power. And creates illegitimate behaviors. Or at least, this is what people tend to think...

Media don't seem to be able to change this.

We, as journalists, tend to be more of the ''tifosi'' kind: we are supporters of some team or the other, we tend to look more for consensus than for the real story. We are part of the problem.

Nothing new, is it?

Well, Italy relly needs something new from this point of view...

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