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Mercoledì, 15 settembre 2004

Francine Prose has written a beautiful article about her recent travel to Orvieto, in a wonderful Italian place between history and art. And has lived what the cathedral tells as if it was some message that the past is still telling to the present. Influenced by the devils that punish all sorts of sinners, she ended the day not eating a meal that seemed to her as good as a sin.

It may be too much as a lesson. But the past that speaks to the present is really an Italian thing. And I would be glad that we though more about what this means. Because we tend to divide too much the future from the past.

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Milan - In Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2.000 people was sitting on the floor to listen to a lesson about Dante Alighieri. Vittorio Sermonti was the wonderful teacher. Professionals, workers, "housewives", students, were there all together, to learn about the Purgatorio. It was beautiful to see that people want to know better about the greatest Italian poet of the Middleage. But it is also a new mass phenomenon. And it is not easy to understand what does it mean. Surely it is not religiuos fundamentalism! It is a sort of historical view of the world that people is looking for. And this is very, very good for the future of Italy.

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